Security Fencing is the Absolute Must Thing for each Company and farm

12/15/2014 15:37

December 8, 2014-China-Fencing around any property type, whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial, can serve a number if purposes. From a visual perspective, a fence creates a line of privacy between the property and the rest of the world that sends a message to anyone standing on the outside. From a security perspective though, that same message might not always be so clear and depends heavily on two key factors:


A secure high security fence depends on a design that works with its surrounding environment and takes into account the nature of what it is keeping safe. There are obvious elements like height that serve as good deterrents but other design principles can be even more important. A fence¡¯s ability to limit visibility, for example, is an important first line of defense against a would-be intruder. A good fence design effectively inhibits anyone standing on the outside from clearly seeing into the property, block fencing achieves this; however it is not aesthetically pleasing for a front yard, or building entrance. Wrought iron fencing allows some visibility but is still acts as a deterrent. After that, a fence designed to make climbing difficult is an equally important design element. In the case of wrought iron security fences, this difficulty to climb is achieved by creating a fence with no horizontal bars other than at the lowest point and the highest point on the fence and vertical bars that are too close together to squeeze through or get a good grip on. Some wrought iron fence designs also use sharp ornamental pieces at the tops of each vertical bar or end pieces that curve slightly away from the property to make it even more difficult for a potential climber.


Perhaps the most critical design element in a security chicken wire netting though is what it is made out of. The material type is key in limiting visibility as well as providing an effective deterrent against climbing but most importantly it is the fence¡¯s primary deterrent against tampering. A motivated intruder will not be put off by a fence that is hard to see through or hard to scale but they will be turned away if it is not easily damaged and compromised. Some materials like wood and chain link are easily tampered with and can be cut with concealable hand held tools. Other materials though, like stone and wrought iron with individually welded pieces and joints, are much more difficult to manipulate quickly and quietly.


Just because a fence is secure does not mean it has to or even should look foreboding. An equally important purpose as physical security that a fence serves is the sense of security that it imparts on welcomed visitors. In the residential setting, your dinner guests might feel safe in your home, but if they had to pass a chain link, barbed wire perimeter fence to get there, they might want to go home as soon as possible. A custom designed wrought iron fence, while still providing security, will be much more welcoming to guests and can match the aesthetics of your home. The same can be said for commercial and industrial properties where potential clients and business partners should be made to feel comfortable in the solid foundation that your company provides without feeling under threat by an overly austere security fence. Commercial properties benefit from the ¡°decorative¡± aspect wrought iron fencing can provide as well.

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